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        Optimum operation process of shaking table

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        The main factors affecting the shaking table machine of ore dressing are as follows.2.jpg

        The first is lateral slope of shaking table  . The greater the lateral slope , the greater the sliding force of minerals, and the greater the possibility of tailings containing and discharging concentrate .But the zonation of concentrate will be narrowed . Generally, when dealing with large particles, the lateral slope will be relatively larger, so that the grade of concentrate end will be improved.In contrast, for minerals with small particles, the lateral slope should be smaller.Here I suggest that you do not blindly listen to the manufacturers or books of the horizontal slope adjustment range, because there is no standard feasible.It is determined only by observing the flow film of the ore zone during the course of ore testing.In addition, the dressing shaking table equipment needs to be combined with transverse slope and transverse flow to achieve a more ideal dressing effect.

        6.jpgThe second is the flushing water requirement of dressing shake bed. To fill the tank water should be determined to the mine, to maintain the slurry concentration of about 30%.To the sink should be the whole bed surface to keep even water should not be too large, to cover the whole bed surface advisable.名片.jpg