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        Address: Shicheng County,Ganzhou city, Jiangxi Province,China 

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        Magnetic & Flotation Separator

        Wet drum magnetic separator

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        Low intensity wet drum magnetic separator

        ----We supply full line of mining equipments and technical  support



        Product Description

        Magnetic separator is usually used for sorting the fine-grained strong magnetic minerals, or removing strong magnetic minerals from non-magnetic minerals. With a deep magnetic field, the machine can make a continuous row of ore feeding and discharge. It also has enough working clearance and high processing capabilities.

        Alt wet magnetic separator.JPG

        Alt wet magnetic separator.JPG


        The removal of small amounts of iron and iron-bearing minerals from industrial minerals has the concentration of various ferrous and nonferrous minerals.

        alt wet magetic separator.JPG

        alt wet magetic separator.JPG



        1. The magnetic system adopts quality ferrite material and Nd Fe B magnet.
        2. The average magnetic induction of the drum surface is about 100 ~ 600 mT.
        3. Fine beneficiating results, lower energy consumption.

        4. Simple structure, large handling capacity, convenient operation and easy maintenance.


        1. Q: Can I visit your factory?
        A: Yes. Many domestic and overseas customers visited our factory every year.

        2. Q: What about the warranty of your equipment? Do you supply spare parts?
        A: Our warranty is one year(12 months), and we can supply spare parts also.

        3. Q: Do you provide after-sales service?
        A: Yes. We have a professional aftersale service team to promptly and thoroughly solve your problems.

        4. Q: Do you provide equipment operation training?
        A: Yes. We can send professional engineers to the working site for equipment installation,  adjustment, and operation training. All of our engineers have passport.

        5. Q: Do you provide producution flow chart?
        A:Yes.Our experienced engineers are specialized in designing process flow for various ore beneficiation, including iron ore, tin ore,copper ore, gold ore,chromite ore, manganese ore,etc

        6. Q: Can you test our sample ore?
        A: Yes. You can send your samples to us for testing and analysis.

        7. Q: Have you made the whole ore dressing lines?
        A: Yes. We have made many large&small scale ore dressing lines at home and abroad.


        Service Contact


        Ms Cindy / Sales Manager 

        Mob: 0086-19907911285 (whatsapp&wechat)

        Email: sales2@oremachinery.cn

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