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        Magnetic & Flotation Separator

        3 disc electromagnetic separator dry for tin titanium

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        Product Description


        3-disk dry electro-magnetic separator is widely used in ilmenite, monazite,tungsten, tin, tantalum, iron ore and other minerals with magnetic and non-magnetic dry sorting


        This machine is sorting mineral size less than 2-3mm of weakly magnetic minerals and rare metal ore selection ,it is a very important mineral processing equipment.

        alt 3 disc dry magnetic separator

        Three-disc electromagnetic separator is for a variety of strong magnetic minerals mixed ore separation, according to the difference of magnetic minerals, can achieving efficient separation of minerals can form different intensity magnetic disk by adjusting the excitation current levels, can also be adjusted each evel disk and sensing distance between dressing grain is to get different magnetic induction intensity,reaching a one-timeseparation of various minerals. 

         alt 3 disc dry magnetic separator


          alt 3 disc dry magnetic separator


        Technica Parameters



        alt 3 disc dry magnetic separator

        Packaging & Shipping

        1. All the goods will be delivered in 10-20 days after receving payment.
        2. The machine will be packed in export container.
        3. Motors and small parts will be packed in new strong wooden cases that suitable for long distance ocean transportation.
        4. We promise that your goods will be shipped to destination timely and safely.



        Service Contact

        Ms Cindy / Sales Manager 

        Mob: 0086-19907911285 (whatsapp&wechat)

        Email: sales2@oremachinery.cn

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